11 9 / 2012

11 9 / 2012

Last week I had performace issues with my unit tests and found out, that they are related to the specific version of the jvm (oracle 7u06 and newer) and reported them to springsource, cause we use the spring testing framework.


Olver Gierke then found out, that the root cause is located in the java.lang.String Implementation. https://twitter.com/olivergierke/status/245193506568683520

He also build an even simpler testcase:




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27 6 / 2011

As a software architect I often start to work on a project before it is correctly set up in our department. So there is no bug tracker, no svn repository and no ci process. For versioning I resently started to use git as a local version management system. To commit the changes to the svn repository, when it is set up, I use git-svn

To let my svn repository be known to my git repo I init the repository

git svn init --trunk=trunk https://version-control/svn/Projekt

Then I fetch all changes, which are non because the repo is empty.

git svn fetch

After that I can rebase all changes to the new branch remotes/trunk.

git rebase --onto remotes/trunk --root master

To link the git repository and the svn repository we use a git graft.

huegelph@242-2196-09:/cygdrive/d/Projekte/tbn> git show-ref trunk

c4e903dee0afb16679921fdc755e7c0340609669 refs/remotes/trunk

huegelph@242-2196-09:/cygdrive/d/Projekte/tbn> git log --pretty=oneline master | tail -n1

ce19033a70fbc6576d1e5751e71aa340fffbf460 Initialer Commit.

huegelph@242-2196-09:/cygdrive/d/Projekte/tbn> echo "ce19033a70fbc6576d1e5751e71aa340fffbf460 c4e903dee0afb16679921fdc755e7c0340609669" >> .git/info/grafts

Finally I merge all commited changes with git-svn.

git svn dcommit From then on I can use git or svn to interact with the repository and all my local commits are preseved.

27 6 / 2009

"Gerade drei Stunden am Rhein Tango tanzen gewesen. Traumhaft. #bonn #tango"

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28 7 / 2008

"My greatest concern was what to call it. I thought of calling it ‘information,’ but the word was overly used, so I decided to call it ‘uncertainty.’ When I discussed it with John von Neumann, he had a better idea. Von Neumann told me, ‘You should call it entropy, for two reasons. In the first place your uncertainty function has been used in statistical mechanics under that name, so it already has a name. In the second place, and more important, no one really knows what entropy really is, so in a debate you will always have the advantage"

Claude E. Shannon Scientific American 1971 , volume 225 , page 180

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07 7 / 2008